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 September 2018:

September 16,2018 MEDICAL  Transport to ALS

September 11,2018 SEARCH&RESCUE/MEDICAL   Transport to Hospital

September 11,2108 MEDICAL Transport to ALS

September 10,2018  MEDICAL Walk in 

September 7,2018    SMOKE REPORT Legal burn 

September 6,2018    MEDICAL Transport to Hospital

September 6,2018    SMOKE REPORT  Unfounded  

September 5,2018    MEDICAL  Patient Refusal 

September 5,2018    AGENCY ASSIST 

September 1,2018    MEDICAL Mutual Aid D8

September 1,2018    MEDICAL Transport to ALS

September 1,2018    SMOKE REPORT

September 1,2018    MEDICAL Transport to ALS


August 2018:

August 30,2018       WELFARE CHECK

August 28,2018       MEDICAL 

August 27,2018       MEDICAL Transport to Hospital

August 27,2018       MEDICAL Transport to Hospital 

August 26,2018       MEDICAL    Flight for Life 

August 25,2018       ACCIDENT/CRASH

August 23,2018       MEDICAL     Transfer to ALS

August 23,2018       MEDICAL     Transport to Hospital 

August 21,2018       MEDICAL     Patient Refusal 

August 20,2018       MOTORIST ASSIST  

August 20,2018       MEDICAL

August 19,2018       ACCIDENT/CRASH 

August 18,2018       ACCIDENT/CRASH

August 17,2018       MEDICAL

August 16,2018       MEDICAL 

August 11,2018       ACCIDENT/CRASH

August 4,2018         ACCIDENT/CRASH

August 3,2018         MEDICAL

August 2,2018         SMOKE REPORT 

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